I saw her there in the portico..
she was there in all her grace.
Her looks were stuck deep in my hearts..
And pricked my heart like a pointed spear

I came back with a wounded heart
Dreams flowing like blood all over
I know she is away, but i dreamt..
I felt, she is there for me all the way..

Life is full of errors as some one say
Calculations are getting tough these days…
What to do to be alive, yes here I am
Standing in-front of her with a wounded heart

She looked at me.. and kissed me deep
Holding her with my hands, I feel her
She was soft and fragile yet sweet,
And here I am awaken from my dreams..

The next day I saw her, she was in her grace
The girl in white she was, and I went near her.
I said to her that I love her, she first smiled,
I thought it as a word of consent, and rejoiced,

But she said, without loosing her smile, that
She is committed and cannot move back,
Oh god how unlucky am I, to lose some one like her
I felt the grief growing like the pain.

The pain gripping my heart, and wounding me deep
I went ahead and said her again, still I love you,
More than you could imagine and dream of,
She smiled again and said, I know but, I am committed


– Original Post here



She is an angel, an angel without wings.
She sends me wishes, wishes with wings.
To make my day bright and clear,
I do wait for them, never near.

I din’t expect some one in my way.
Never did I wait for one, but this angel came in,
At a time, when I need her the most.
She smiled and offered her hands,
At a time when I need them the most.

She was sweet, sweeter than the sugar.
Her heart was red, redder than the ruby.
Her hands were soft, softer than the snow.
She cares like a sister, helps like a maiden.
Yes, she is an angel, an angel with a loving heart…



Written that in 2007 in here