New madness – Indoor Water Fountain

I recently went to Homecenter store in edapally Kochi. Was there to buy things that ca help us to revamp certain area in our home.

Then that cought my eye. An Indoor water fountain with Ganapathy. There was some offers going on in the store and we got that fountain for around Rs. 1800 (less than 25 USD).

Post installation in our home, I found that there are many tutorial videos showing how to install an indoor water fountain. So now I am trying to get hold of the things that can be used to make one.

Once in to this I found that this cannot be a one time affair as the material and tools used costs more than the current fountain in hand.

So what? If this is a success I can continue making more. Some of the items i locally sourced are

  1. Thermocol Sheets
  2. Glue
  3. Paper cutter (Will buy a thermocol cutter after the first project).

Went to many places and local Aquariums, shops for a mini water pump. One place was having pump, but the same was a little bigger than the one i expected.

So I have ordered

  1. Epoxy (clear) resin
  2. mini water pump with LED lights
  3. 3 types of spatulas (metal) used for icing the cakes
  4. A trowel for mixing cement

from Amazon India.

Now I need to decide on

  1. Type of cement that I need to use (Many are recommending Portland cement)
  2. Some wire mesh
  3. Small pipe for connecting the water pump
  4. Waterproof LED lights (Not sure if i can get some
  5. Cotton Gauze roll.

Will update the progress here in sysfun.

For the reference here is the video of the Ganapathi.